Terry Tha Rapman Takes Another Swipe At Ikechukwu ?

The beef between Terry Tha Rapman and Ikechukwu has resurfaced again.

Remember that early this year both rappers were at logger heads with Ikechukwu going on Loose Talk to call out Terry Tha Rapman for allegedly having an affair with hi ex-girlfiend, Sarah Ofili.

Lyrics to a new jam Look What You Did To Him, may have implied him taking shots at Ikechukwu.

A part of the song says; A little henny in the system, my nigga turn loose talk, facts only, we no send all that loose talk, girl leave you for another man, whose fault, go hard or go home, true talk!.

Ikechukwu is mum at the moment but who knows, there may be a response soon.