Are Our Nigerian Musicians Not Affected By The Current Economic Recession?

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Timaya Wizkid Skales

In One Of Nigeria’s Biggest Downtime Ever Our Artistes Are Still Leaving The Lavish Lifestyle Like Nothing Is Happening. It Looks Like They Are Not Affected By The Ongoing Recession Crippling The Entire Economy.

These artistes make their money from the patronage of the fans. So therefore, so long as they keep remaining relevant and their fans are still feeling them then the money would still keep pouring in and they can afford to keep living the lavish lifestyle.

But our artiste can be affected in terms of sales of ticket for shows and concerts. Nobody would want to depart with his hard earned money just to watch an artiste perform unless the ticket money is cheap and reasonable. Who would want to pay 5k t0 10k to watch 2face or Olamide at this time of recession? I guess only very few people will.

Some top musicians own private jets while others fly first class but with the current recession some of them might be affected. Also Nigerian artistes have taken to selling their songs and albums on itunes but right now how many Nigerians can afford to buy a song or album with the rise of dollar. The price has trippled because of the increase of dollar against the naira. I’m sure most Nigerian musicians are really affected by this.

Musicians too sometimes live a fake life. Not all artistes you see flashing big cars and blings in music videos are really living that kind of lifestyle. So you may be wondering what of all this B-list artiste, how are they faring at a time like this when some people are finding it very hard to even pay 5k to watch top A-list artistes not to talk of the B-list and C-list artistes.

This is actually the wrong time to be a celebrity with little money because you won’t be able to weather the harsh economy crisis like an ordinary person. Lets look at it this way, for example if I have a car and I don’t have enough money to fuel it, I can easily hop on a bike or danfo and I am good to go but a celebrity who is broke cannot even try it. What of the hike in food prices. I can easily rush to the market to buy some food stuffs to cook at home because the cost of eating in a canteen now is very expensive but a broke celebrity cannot try it. He would still want to order food from Chinese restuarants or any other big restuarant knowing how expensive their prices would have gone up because of the recession. So truly I don’t envy any celebrity musician right now.

Artistes like Wizkid, Davido, P-Square, 2face, Olamide, Falz and Tiwa Savage don’t have any issue with the ongoing recession because they are top A-list artistes who are cashing out both in Nigeria and abroad. I believe generally only very few celebrity musicians are not affected by the brunt of the recession. I can’t say for the rest but I’m sure they are not doing badly too. They still get called up for shows atleast once or twice a week.

Are you an artiste and you have a bit of fame? How has the economic recession affected you positively and negatively. Share your experience with us, we would love to know if we are all in this together.

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